Shibolet  & Co. proudly supports contemporary Israeli artists. Such a fine collection is unusual among Israeli law firms, and we feel privileged to be the standard-bearer.

We display the artwork in all public areas, from meeting rooms to hallways. A key consideration in choosing which artworks to exhibit lies within their creativity and inspiration.

We also appreciate the significance of granting a meaningful cultural experience to our guests and staff while supporting Israeli artists, and the galleries representing them.

Our art collection contains dozens of paintings and photographs by leading Israeli artists, such as: Raffi Lavie, Moshe Gershuni, Yair Garbuz, Michal Na’aman, Tsibi Geva, David Reeb, Ido Bar-El, Gabriel Klasmer, Leonid Belaklav, Mosh Kashi, Gil Marco Shani, Alex Kremer, Asaf Ben Zvi, Khen Shish, Maya Gold, Ori Gersht, Tal Shochat, Roi Kuper, Amon Yariv, Shai Ignatz, Tamar Karavan, Tamar Amit and Gaston Zvi Ickowicz.

We occasionally lend artworks to museums and galleries, and recently lent artworks to the exhibition of Raffi Lavie, the 2009 international Biennale in Venice and both the Alex Kremer and Tal Matsliach exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum.

Our wonderful art collection is managed by Richard M. Roberts and Ofer Shapira.

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