Life at Shibolet

The story of Shibolet is the story of its people. We take care of our people, building a strong community that builds on the Power of Together.

As the legal profession continually evolves and diversifies, effective teamwork is becoming a crucial element of every successful work process, bringing together various multidisciplinary specialties and perspectives.   

At Shibolet, we believe that there is no greater asset than a skilled, cohesive team working toward a common goal. This is why we consistently work to nurture the unique strengths and abilities of each professional who joins our ranks, helping each and every person achieve their true potential, both as an individual and as a vital part of the entire Shibolet team. Life at Shibolet therefore combines professional development and personal growth with social involvement, as well as commitment to the health and wellbeing of every staff member.

The Shibolet professional program was created to encourage personal growth and career-long learning among all Shibolet staff. As a firm committed to constant innovation and formulating smart legal and business solutions for our clients, we must invest in developing the talents and knowhow of our team. This is why, whether you join the firm straight from law school or after practicing for many years, Shibolet will provide the learning opportunities you need to excel at every stage of your career. The Shibolet professional program incorporates diverse legal, business, and personal development aspects through various workshops, which change yearly to suit your evolving needs.

Shibolet is dedicated to promoting employee wellbeing and fostering a positive working environment for every team member. Our current wellbeing program includes discounted corporate gym memberships, a Pilates club, a weekly running club that competes in various local events, and short working hours once a week. In addition to these fitness-oriented activities, we also attend to employees’ mental and emotional health, supporting newcomers with an excellent orientation program and mentors who help them to find their feet at Shibolet during the first few months.

Shibolet is active in the community, promoting several commendable social and environmental causes. Our team members contribute to these causes in many ways, ranging from serving on their boards and providing pro bono legal services, to donating time and expertise as community volunteers. Whether mentoring at-risk children or advising young entrepreneurs, Shibolet team members make a real difference in communities all over Israel. Read more about the non-profit organizations we support on our Corporate Social Responsibility page.