Anti-Corruption & Global Trade Compliance

Shibolet helps its clients thrive in the international arena while navigating the complex regulatory framework that has come to play a significant role in shaping international transactions. Shibolet’s practice encompasses export control, trade sanctions and anti-corruption legislation. 

Shibolet’s anti-corruption and export compliance practice, one of the first to have been established in Israel, helps its clients adopt best practices and policies to protect organizations from exposure to corruption and export-related offenses, in keeping with applicable Israeli and international standards. Shibolet’s team tailors each program to every client’s unique set of circumstances and technologies.

Shibolet’s global trade compliance practice encompasses Israel’s defense export control, dual-use control, encryption control and sanctions legislation. The Shibolet team helps its clients optimize the process of recognizing when licenses are necessary, creating internal compliance programs and obtaining licenses as necessary. Shibolet also works in cooperation with leading firms abroad on compliance matters, providing its clients with access to the resources necessary to manage applicable international requirements as well.

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