Antitrust & Competition

Shibolet’s Antitrust & Competition Practice has considerable experience advising major domestic and international companies from a variety of industries on a wide range of competition issues relating to compliance with Israeli antitrust law, including with respect to M&A transaction (merger control), monopoly and dominant position issues and restraints of trade (joint ventures, franchise, license and distribution agreements).

Our antitrust group is in frequent contact with the teams of the ICA (Israel Competition Authority) and is experienced in finding creative and suitable answers to complex competitive concerns. We work with some of the world’s leading international law firms and other advisors on the Israeli antitrust filings for major multinational merger transactions and on assessing various issues under the Israeli antitrust law.

The firm’s antitrust litigation attorneys regularly represent companies before the Israel Antitrust Tribunal and before the civil courts in lawsuits involving antitrust issues, matters relating to trade regulation and to Competition Law including antitrust class action lawsuits.

We regularly advise some of Israel’s largest companies, as well as multinational companies with Israeli operations, on antitrust and competition compliance issues including implementing internal antitrust compliance programs within large entities and rendering legal opinions. We also advise in all aspects of the Law to Promote Competition in the Food Sector in Israel and Israel’s Law to Promote Competition and Reduce Concentration.

‘Professional and efficient team’, that also ‘has particular knowledge of the food and beverage sector’.

– Legal 500 EMEA

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