Aviation, Transportation, and Tourism

The travel industry represents one of the main employers in most Western countries. The emergence of new airlines enabling point to point connections and the setting up of connecting hubs are all essential means of communication between the people.

Shibolet’s Aviation, Transportation and Tourism Practice team has very strong expertise in representing local and foreign airlines in a broad variety of matters: Setting up of new airlines, traffic rights and slots negotiations, suppliers contracts (ramp, handling, catering), GSA agreements, ADM/ACM handling, customer care. Our services also include related practice areas, such as labor law, intellectual property and licensing commercial agreements.

The Practice advises prominent actors of the travel and tourism industry in Israel, Europe, North Africa, and in the Middle-East including institutions representing travel professionals.

At the cutting edge of the legislative process, the Head of Practice has been part of the advisory team to some of the main Aviation Services law and amendments voted by the Israeli Parliament, Knesset and is very active in various Parliamentary Commissions, proposing new texts to regulate and defend the whole industry.

The Head of Practice is a member of the most renowned legal organizations including the International Forum of Travel Lawyers IFTTA, The European Aviation Lawyers Association EALA, and the World Airports Lawyers Association WALA.

We strive to ensure we can respond to the market changes in the most constructive way.

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