Executive Compensation

At Shibolet, we recognize the great importance that executive compensation holds for our clients, as well as its frequently controversial and closely-scrutinized aspects, which require a deft, capable hand.

Our dedicated Executive Compensation Practice provides comprehensive legal services on this matter, often in full collaboration with other Shibolet practices, such as M&A, Capital Markets, Litigation, Labor, and Taxation, wherever a multidisciplinary approach is required.

The attorneys in this practice have extensive expertise in contemporary compensation issues, advising executives, compensation committees, and boards of directors from all industries and supplying precisely customized solutions. Our team therefore benefits from in-depth understanding of the importance of appropriate incentives for the success of a business, enabling us to provide clients with original outside-the-box solutions when facing unique, challenging situations. 

We offer consultations covering all aspects of compensation, providing insightful guidance on many sensitive issues, such as the planning and implementation of bonus programs, executive remuneration, equity compensation (including performance-based equity plans), retirement agreements, relocation, and so forth. Our firm is also experienced in the sale of shares by executives of private companies in the secondary market, diverse executive agreements, and various disclosure aspects under applicable securities laws. In addition, we represent companies and executives in court, as well as in negotiations and dealings with such bodies as the Israel Securities Authority and Israel Tax Authority.

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