Cyber, Data Protection & Privacy

Shibolet’s Cyber, Data Protection & Privacy Practice counsels clients regarding the increasing domestic and international legal and regulatory compliance developments relating to information management, data protection, privacy and cyber laws, industry standards, governmental guidelines, and evolving applicable case law.

Our practice assimilates the delicate intersection of technology, law, and business, while recognizing the evolving role of data as a strategic core business asset. The practice not only works with our clients’ legal departments, but also integrates with IT departments, information security and IR teams, boards of directors, and upper management while maintaining full professional synergy.

In today’s age of growing applicable data protection and privacy regulations and respective corporate and personal exposures, our practice provides experienced legal counsel throughout all possible stages of coping with cyber and privacy risks. From building and implementing local and international cyber and privacy regulatory plans, to cyber crisis management and legal-based incident response and post-incident remediation, we provide our clients’ directors and C-level management with tailored legal advice aimed at reducing their personal and organizational liability and exposure.

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