Distressed M&A & Distressed Corporate Transactions

The past has shown that the following a global crisis there are plenty of attractive business opportunities but those require quick and decisive deal making abilities as well as familiarity with the applicable legal and regulatory landscape. 

This practice group was established in order to ensure our clients have the means the avail themselves of applicable business opportunities in a post-global crisis environment with a focus on the ability to consummate transactions with Israeli companies which are in liquidation or insolvency related procedures or the valuation of which has declined significantly.

To such end, the Distressed M&A & Distressed Corporate Transactions practice is comprised of experienced liquidation and insolvency lawyers together with corporate and M&A lawyers. 

Areas of Speciality:

  • Distressed Asset Acquisitions
  • Distressed Merger or Share Acquisitions
  • Transactions with Companies in “Stay of Proceedings”
  • Transactions with insolvent companies ??
  • Down-Round Financings
  • Restructuring
  • Pay to Play Provisions

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