Governmental regulation represents one of the most common and significant obstacles to successful business growth. Understanding the often-perplexing nuances of the Israeli regulatory landscape, let alone the labyrinth of national and international regulations encountered by any business venturing onto the global stage, requires a confident, well-connected group of attorneys who possess the knowledge and insight needed to facilitate the regulatory elements inherent to any commercial transaction.

Shibolet’s regulation practice comprises just such a group of attorneys – an expert team backed by the firm’s many years of experience, as well as its prominent partners, which handle clients’ regulatory concerns and develop an informed framework for regulatory updates.

The practice has invested substantial resources to ensure that each client receives accurate, wide-ranging counsel on how best to account for regulatory obligations in potential transactions. Covering concerns as diverse as antitrust, anti-bribery, export control, and environmental compliance matters, Shibolet consistently strives to provide only the highest quality service, as affirmed by our record of satisfied clients.

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