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Since 1973, Shibolet has been proud to nurture and empower the careers of many lawyers and interns who have gone on to become prominent figures within the worldwide legal and business communities. We place immense value on fostering a robust alumni network that enables us to maintain strong bonds with all our alumni and build a vibrant community that benefits each and every member.

The Shibolet alumni community connects our friends and former colleagues around the globe, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and many more advantages, keeping everyone in the loop as regards to new job openings, business opportunities, and high-profile events, among others. We encourage all our alumni to become active members in the community, connect with fellow alumni, and grow their professional network.

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Nita Benoliel Inbar, 888 Holdings

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If you have to do a down round make sure you do it right!

In order to understand the long-term economic impact of COVID-19, one might draw an analogy from past economic downturns occurred in 2001 and 2008. During those periods, venture capital investment decreased significantly, which led to an uptick in financing rounds at lower valuations than in […]

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