Michal Ohana


Tel. 03-3075356Email. M.Ohana@Shibolet.com

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Partner in the field of Financial Regulation department.

Michal has extensive experience in the regulation of the capital market and financial services, including banking legislation, has extensive knowledge in the field of financial regulation in Israel and around the world and provides services on a variety of different regulatory issues.

Michal has extensive experience in leading projects with financial regulators in various proceedings, compliance procedures and risk management in the capital market and working with the authorities in Israel and abroad, including the ISA, Capital Market Authority, the Supervisor of Banks, Anti-Money Laundering Authority.

Michal has over 10 years of experience in the field of financial regulation, in which she has accompanied various companies in the field of Fintech and Regtech, financial institutions in Israel and around the world, in various procedures, such as licensing procedures; Representation of clients before the relevant regulators; strategic regulatory advice in accordance with the requirements of clients and the regulatory environment; preparation of legal opinions; accompaniment of legislative proceedings in the Knesset and more.

Has extensive knowledge and proficiency in international financial regulation and accompanies many Fintech companies in licensing and regulation procedures also with the authorities abroad, including in the fields of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, Michal has deep knowledge in public offering procedures and capital raising in the Israeli market, including Fintech companies in growth procedures; M&A; ongoing legal advice to public companies and work with the required authorities, such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Other activities

• Volunteers at the “Letat” organization – distribution of food products to Holocaust survivors in order to lead to an improvement in the quality of life and immediate relief, through physical and social assistance that enables a dignified life, by caring, mutual guarantee and concern for their situation.

• Previously, served as a volunteer at SHIL Citizen Service Station in Ashdod.

Did you know

Michal is a yoga enthusiast