Naama Elkad


Tel. 03-307-5267Email.

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As the controller of Shibolet, Naama works under the Chief Financial Officer of the firm, and she is responsible of building the budget, tax reports, preparing for annual audits and performing various types of financial and accounting reports, etc.

Naama works in the firm’s finance department and with the firm’s external accountant. In addition, Naama provides financial information to the firm’s partners on a daily and ongoing basis on demand or by need.

Naama began her professional career in the finance field in an internship at ERB International Group, a financial entity that provides financial services to foreign companies and start-ups, and then continued her internship and worked in a senior-level position in the leading accounting firm PWC.


  • Naama is a mother to a sweet girl named Nelly, and is married to Yoni.
  • Naama loves reading books, watching good TV series and spending time with her family.