Shlomit Hess


Tel. 03-307-5186Email.

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Shlomit represents local and international  bidding groups and project companies, as well as banks, financial institutions and contractors in connection with the financing, development, construction and operation of large-scale infrastructure and energy projects (including complex BOT/PPP projects), mainly in the renewable energy, conventional energy, transportation, desalination and construction fields.

Shlomit has considerable experience (of more than 15 years) in advising on complex local and international financing and M&A transactions as well as on PPP large scale tenders.

Shlomit was an intern on the Israeli Supreme Court for the honourable justice Esther Hayut (the existing president of the Israeli Supreme Court); During her academic studies, Shlomit was ranked 2nd in a class of 214 students and served as junior lecturer for several courses.