Shlomo Fishman


Tel. 03-307-5079Email.

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Shlomo specializes in the handling of private and public companies, accompanying start-ups company at their various stages, from founding, to funding, and exit.

Shlomo provides counsel for complex commercial issues for a wide range of Israeli and international clients.

Shlomo possesses specific expertise in corporate governance disputes, contract law, intellectual property, alongside a background in real estate, and international privacy laws.

Did you know

  • Shlomo is ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and served as a Rabbinical Judge in the Rabbinical Court of Monetary Affairs of the “Ariel Institute”, Jerusalem.
  • In this framework, Shlomo delivers Torah lessons in Israel and around the world, introducing a unique and fascinating combination of the worlds of Jewish and civil law.
  • In his spare time, Shlomo can be found skiing in the Alps in winter, while enjoying mountain biking outings with his family during the summer.