Yafit Mamistvalov


Tel. 03-307-5204Email. Y.Mamistvalov@shibolet.com

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Yafit specializes in providing legal ongoing counsel to public and private companies, as well as government companies and municipal authorities.

Yafit has extensive experience in contract management in many areas – both in private and public practice. Among others, Yafit specializes in financing and capital market transactions.

Yafit has specific expertise in handling tenders, on both sides – both in representing companies who are obligated by the Tender Law to publish tenders, including editing, escorting and participating in tender committees, as well as in representing companies that request to participate in tenders, Including assistance in submitting required documents and representation in front of the relevant authorities, as needed.

Did you know

Yafit practices Yoga in her spare time, and she recently became a certified Yoga teacher.