Adv. Amir Frankel, represented Yehud Municipality, in a successful dismissal of a motion (numbered 50755-11-11) brought against it by Lndko Israel Developing and Managing Ltd.

(“Lndko”), which develops various projects on behalf of the Israel Lands Administration, with regard to the validity of an agreement signed between the parties for provision of public infrastructure works by Lndko to Yehud in exchange for the right to charge development levies from the residences of Yehud. The District Court (Central District) determined that the agreement was void due to its illegality, on the basis of the precedential judgement established in the appeal filed by “Dirot Yokra” (which was also represented by RMB. The Supreme Court in this judgement has ruled that an agreement which from the one hand imposes a betterment Levy on the “developer” and from the other hand dismisses any development Levy from him, both against the Israeli law- is void do to illegality).

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