Shibolet & Co.’s Partner Roy Kubovsky successfully represented Arad Ltd. in a tender dispute

Recently, the Jerusalem District Court accepted a proceeding filed by Shibolet & Co. on behalf of Arad Ltd., against the decision of the Tender Committee of Mei Shemesh – the Water Corporation of Beit Shemesh, to award the winning in a tender to replace all water meters in the city of Beit Shemesh, to Arad’s competitor – M.G.A.R – Computerized Collection Center Ltd. Judge Ram Winograd accepted Arad’s arguments that M.G.A.R had failed to meet the threshold conditions set out in the tender, since it did not file the regulatory approvals for the meters included in its offer, as well as since there were flaws in its auditors approvals, and that such flaws necessitated the cancelation of the Tender Committee’s decision to select M.G.A.R as the tender’s winner.

Arad was represented in the proceedings by Shibolet & Co.’s Advocate Roy Kubovsky, a partner in the Litigation department.

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