Shibolet’s attorneys are frequently being appointed by both companies wishing to undergo voluntary liquidation or reorganization procedures, as well as by competent courts, at the request of debtors and security holders, wishing to enforce various arrangements or liquidation and receivership processes. Our firm has the expertise and experience through the various bankruptcy outcomes a corporation may succumb to, realizing the special care and advice needed for such procedures.

Providing our clients with all of their commercial requirements, we have the experience and knowledge to advise in case of insolvency, bankruptcy, creditor protection and/or dead lock situations in order to either re-stabilize and revive various commercial entities and corporations, or otherwise, produce the best end result possible for all parties involved in a bankruptcy process.

Among others, we have accompanied a wide variety of corporations in bankruptcy or reorganization processes, ranging from the bank institutions through leading corporations, real estate contractors and high-tech companies.

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  • Amir Frankl
  • Joseph Benkel
  • Inbal Raz
  • Shmuel Galinka