Shibolet’s Cyber, Data Protection and Privacy Practice provide comprehensive legal services for dealing with both the risks and potential damaging consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches.


These days, companies of all sectors struggle to keep up with the challenges of security, while being pressured and subject to a pincer movement by two types of entities:

  1. 1.      The sector-relevant and geography-based governmental regulators.
  2. 2.       The worried customers of these cyber-attacked companies.


Shibolet’s Practice offers clients legal advice and opinions, tailor-made compliance plans based on the relevant applicable regulations and legislation, risk analysis, data base registrations, legal services for handling cyber attacks that have already occurred and much more.


Shibolet’s practice focuses on two timeframes, given the assumption that any company can be cyber-attacked, hacked or breached;


  1. Pre-Breach Services – Develop policies, programs and guidelines for implementation in order to make companies better prepared for the possibility of cyber incidents, while reducing managerial risks (for C-level executive and Board members) and the company’s regulatory exposure.
  2. Data Breach Response – Once an attack has taken place, we closely help our clients in smartly handling its consequences, as part of an Incident-Response collaboration with top-tier cyber security service providers.


Shibolet’s Cyber, Data Protection and Privacy Practice is headed by Adv. Nir Feinberg, who has a vast legal background, after serving as the legal consultant of Israel Defense Force’s Telecommunication Corps (also known as the C5I) and was a key figure in developing IDF’s cyber legal framework and practices.

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