In a world of changing regulations and harsh public criticism, the issue of executive compensation is the subject of rigorous public scrutiny and often is a key item on the public agenda.

At Shibolet, we recognize the great importance of this subject to our clients and offer comprehensive legal services in all aspects related to Executive Compensation. This practice requires unique client customization, and our executive compensation lawyers are experts in diverse, contemporary compensation issues.

Our experienced Executive Compensation practice advises executives, compensation committees and boards of directors of major Israeli private and public companies (including dual listed companies) representing the various industries. Consultations cover aspects of compensation across a variety of spheres and integrate different legal disciplines including corporate, securities, labor and tax laws. Guidance is provided, among other things, on complex, sensitive compensation issues such as the planning and implementation of bonus programs, equity compensation plans, retirement agreements, relocation, etc.

When complex compensation issues that require a multidisciplinary approach are at issue, our Executive Compensation practice works together with other departments within the firm to deliver a comprehensive solution; these departments include M&A, Capital Markets, Litigation, Labor and Taxation amongst others.

The Executive Compensation practice services include the following:

  • Executive remuneration policy
  • Equity compensation
  • Bonus plans
  • Golden parachute arrangements
  • Change-in-control arrangements
  • Phantom stock grants
  • Various and diverse executive agreements, including management, employment, retirement, relocation and other international agreements
  • Different disclosure aspects under the applicable securities laws
  • Professional advise relating to recommended rules of best corporate governance practice
  • Executive compensation in M&A, IPOs and other corporate transactions
  • Representation of companies and executives in negotiations with institutional investors  consultants, such as Entropy and ISS, and in dealings with the Israel Securities Authority and in court
  • Advice on issues relating to section 102 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance
  • Representation and receipt of pre-ruling approvals from the Israel Tax Authority
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  • Adi Zaltzman
  • Lior Aviram
  • Amir Shachar
  • Shelly Blatt Zak