Technology has changed the financial sector, but this change is only a sign of the things to come.

Fintech – technology derived financial innovation, is developing, improving and disrupting the field of finance, presenting novel solutions and new products and services, addressing market gaps and opening new markets, while providing advanced, online 24/7 quick response solutions, including to the millions of un-banked and underbanked.

AI, Big Data Analytics, DLT, mobile and further developments and technologies create fascinating opportunities in the banking, payments, insurance, and trading industries.

These opportunities come with challenges. The Shibolet Fintech practice has deep understanding of and knowledge in the field’s unique commercial and business aspects and needs, as well as extensive expertise in its related regulation matters. Shibolet accompanies and advises Fintech startups, financial institutions,insurance companies, clearing services provider, accelerators, and blockchain companies.

We work with B2C and B2B oriented entities, from a variety of fields, such as Mobile banking, Open banking, P2P platforms, digital currencies, Regtech, Insuretch, trade and more, expected to change the way we transact, pay, save, borrow, underwrite, personalize, manage processes and make decisions.

The practice is also actively involved in legislation processes of laws which will change the regulatory landscape, and is in active discussions with the various regulators.

Our active role and involvement in the market generates a wide domestic and international network of close acquaintances with the diverse industry players.  

Thus, as part of our top-tier leading high-tech practice, our dedicated Fintech team holds the required expertise and experience in the legal, regulatory, corporate and commercial aspects necessary to counsel the entire array of clients in this exciting rapidly emerging sector.

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  • Saul Adereth
  • Ido Shomrony