Legal Cannabis is one of the rapidly growing industries worldwide. The Israeli legal Cannabis market is no different and Israel has been a significant player in this recent ‘Green-Rush’.

As a leading law firm, Shibolet has been actively representing clients engaged in different sectors of the international legal Cannabis industry.

Shibolet was one of the first law firms in Israel with actual experience in advising clients on Cannabis business and regulation, becoming a leading firm for the Israeli legal Cannabis market. Our dedicated team is highly experienced and holds the required expertise on the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects necessary to counsel the entire array of clients in the developing legal Cannabis space.

Shibolet’s legal Cannabis practice provides provides clients with a broad spectrum of legal services in the Cannabis space. These services include legal advice and opinions, assistance in compliance with Israeli Cannabis regulation, commercial consulting on complex transactions involving cultivation, processing, dispensing, importing and exporting, agricultural, medical device and healthcare R&D (clinical trials), cross-border transactions and other ancillary activities

Shibolet represents some of the most prominent players in the legal Cannabis industry, including leading growers, most prominent medical Cannabis research institutions worldwide, and various sector specialized investors, including angels and venture capital firms, entrepreneurs as well as related-technology companies at all stages.

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  • Gadi Graus
  • Ofer Manor
  • Tal Karplus
  • Liat Vigdor