The complex framework of Australia-Israel cross-border transactions involves many legal challenges and obstacles that can only be overcome through the careful application of unique professional expertise.

Shibolet’s Australian Desk has developed just such expertise, including in-depth understanding of Australian business and legal culture, while representing a growing number of clients across Israel and Australia. These clients include some of Australia’s largest family offices and most prominent HNWIs, as the Shibolet team leverages impressive resources, dedicated market experience, and diverse professional knowledge to deliver a tailor-made service that addresses any client need.

We offer our Australian clients comprehensive legal advice on all matters relating to their ongoing assets, interests, and intentions in Israel, including family trusts, estate planning, and various commercial matters. These commercial matters span tax structuring and other tax issues (including those relating to the new double tax avoidance treaty), investments (private, public, and VC funding), banking and finance, all hi-tech branches and verticals (fintech, cyber security, life sciences, medical devices, agrotech, etc.), IP and technology transfer, capital markets (ASX listing), M&A, energy, and infrastructure.

Backed by one of Israel’s largest, most wide-ranging litigation practices, we represent Australian clients in complex litigation and arbitration procedures before all instances across Israel. Our attorneys also represent Australian clients before key Israeli regulatory bodies such as the Israeli Antitrust Commissioner, the Israeli Natural Gas Commissioner, the Bank of Israel, governmental offices, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the Israeli Government Companies Authority, among others.

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