Michal Ofarim


Tel. +972.3.6892810Email. M.Ofarim@shibolet.com

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Michal has 14 years’ experience in the labor and employment field.

Michal represents international and local entities including low-tech, hi-tech, traded companies, start up and incubator companies.

Michal has an extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in all aspects of employment relations, including global related employment aspects, recruitments, employment agreements, service and consulting agreements, outsourcing agreements, cutbacks and termination process, reorganization, retention plans, retirement packages, HR policies and procedures, and IP issues.

Michal also has extensive experience in advising companies on aspects of labor law in the framework of M&A transactions and investment rounds, including due diligence and transfer of employees.

Michal has experience working with government ministries, representation in various committees and obtaining permits.

Michal’s labor law experience together with her knowledge of commercial aspects, enable her to provide professional and practical advice that integrates both commercial and legal aspects.

Did you know

  • Michal volunteers at “Shiur Acher”.
  • Michal has a secret passion for architecture and design.