When Shibolet began expanding into Asian markets some 30 years ago, we strived to establish ourselves as an essential partner for all Israelis seeking to do business in the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, as more Japanese entities turn their attention to the Israeli hi-tech industry, Shibolet’s experience with Japanese interests and entrepreneurs is now bearing fruit.

Shibolet’s Japan Practice has long been at the forefront of providing superior legal services to both Israeli and Japanese clients via our Tel Aviv head office and extensive network of connections throughout Japan. Supported by the firm’s impressive international record, our attorneys have counselled clients in numerous transactions, assisting Israelis seeking to break into the Japanese market and vice versa.

We have developed productive relationships with Japanese attorneys and business clients over the years, which have enabled us to provide the legal counseling and connections any client requires when opting to conduct business abroad, including for such matters as attracting Japanese investors, arranging distribution in Japan via Japanese corporate investment firms, or facilitating major mergers with Japanese companies.


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