Representation of Orbit in a production agreement in exchange to USD 46 million

Tali Ben-Artzi represented Orbit Technologies, a public company controlled by the Femi Fund, which operates in the field of manufacturing and marketing electronic products for communications and aviation, and which is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in an agreement with the American aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin, for the development and production of communication and audio management systems for F-16 aircraft, with an expected value of approximately USD 46 million. The agreement may even expend if Lockheed Martin wins a competition to supply India with its next fighter jet, in which it competes with F-21, a special version of the F-16 made for India, which will be assembled in the country if selected. Tali Ben-Artzi accompanied Orbit in negotiations with Lockheed Martin, which lasted for many months. Since the public announcement of the signing of the agreement, Orbit’s shares have risen by tens of percent.

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