Itshak Cohen-Yehonatan

Itshak Cohen-Yehonatan


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Itshak is a partner in Shibolet’s Capital Markets practice and he frequently accompanies public, private and governmental companies in all matters related to corporate and commercial law, securities and capital markets

Itshak possesses unique expertise in dealing with governmental companies whose securities are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and in particular, with discrepancies which often exist between the laws governing the actions of governmental companies and those of the securities law.

Itshak is especially proficient in drafting legal opinions concerning the various legal matters pertaining to commercial and managerial issues (due decisionmaking), and advises the board of directors on matters concerning the company’s legal and commercial conduct, including regulatory matters. Itshak also composes audit reports covering the conduct and activities of the company’s board of directors, corporate governance code, and internal enforcement plans.

Itshak represents his clients in complex transactions for the sale and purchase of shares and activities (Share Purchase Agreements, Assets Purchase Agreements and all manners of Mergers and Acquisitions), including negotiating and formulating complex commercial contracts.

Did you know

  • Itshak loves gadgets, reading and is a technology and history enthusiast.
  • Itshak also observes Formula 1 racing very closely.
  • Itshak participated in the prestigious Sam Zell Entrepreneurship Program, IDC.
  • Itshak is a lecturer in director courses at ‘Tafnit’, the Open University School of Management and the Technion Institute.
  • Itshak lectures on a regular basis to directors and trains executives of public and governmental companies on all matters regarding corporate law, securities law, corporate governance and due decision making processes.