Ofer Zuzovsky


Tel. 03-307-5075Email. O.Zuzovsky@shibolet.com

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Ofer is a partner in the Real Estate practice and the head of one of the largest real-estate teams at Shibolet. Ofer has over 25 years of experience in real-estate including advising and counseling roles in some of the largest real-estate transactions in the Israeli market from the initial stages of investigation, planning and initiative through to the later stages of execution, sale, financing, etc. He specializes in managing and directing complex real-estate transactions and has particular expertise in counseling and advising broad projects ranging from hundreds to thousands of residential units. These skills and this experience has allowed Ofer to develop quite a reputation in the field.

Ofer provides continual legal counseling and advice to real-estate companies, entrepreneurs, and construction companies on a broad range of projects and transactions including residential projects, commercial initiatives, office spaces, hotel projects, municipal developments (“Pinui Binui” and “Tama 38”) and more.

Ofer assists real-estate companies, both public and private, and venture companies that are considered movers in Israel and abroad. In the last few years, Ofer has partaken in a notable number of real-estate transactions, including some of the most complex in Israel – both from the perspective of the relevant legal property rights and from the commercial and financial characteristics of the transaction, as well as the scope of the projects, each one including thousands of units. Ofer also advises his clients in financing and handling real-estate tax issues, including in their interactions with various governmental authorities.

Additionally, Ofer specializes in real-estate project financing and represents some of most notable insurance companies in Israel in project finance and the granting of collateral to clients in accordance with the Sales Law.

Did you know

Ofer likes to ride the waves and can be found surfing when he has the time.


  • Leading individual, Chambers Global
  • ‘Ofer Zuzovsky is an experienced practitioner with expertise in areas such as development and construction. Sources highlight his understanding of his clients’ needs and consider him “a deal maker”, Chambers Global