Roy Rotem


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Adv. Rotem represents Israeli and international companies as well as individuals in a wide range of taxation issues of indirect taxation, direct taxation, and international trade.

Roy has expertise and extensive experience in representing clients in complex and wide-ranging cases in the field of indirect taxes (VAT, purchase tax and import taxes), income tax, real estate taxation, claims in the fields of international trade, and the regulations involved in it, and class actions.

Roy also has expertise and extensive experience in representing clients before the tax authorities. He has experience in liaising with the authorities and various government ministries and has many years of professional acquaintance with officials in various tax authorities. Roy has an economic and business understanding and knowledge in the various tax areas together with an in-depth knowledge of the assessment procedures and of the appeal procedures in the judicial courts.

Roy regularly advises and represents large companies in Israel and overseas in matters related to international trade including classification and evaluation of goods, import taxes in Israel, Import and export regulations, consumer regulations, Trade agreements and rules of origin, VAT, claims due to damage in sea and air transport, letters of credit, Disputes between parties involved in international trade and logistics and more. Before joining our firm, Roy served as a senior attorney in the Tax department of the Tel Aviv Prosecutor’s Office (fiscal), and as part of his position he managed cases of public and legal importance in the field of Tax law. Prior to that, Roy worked for several years in a Law office dealing with the representation of suspects and defendants in white collar crimes and taxes.

Did you know

Roy serves as an investigator in the IDF’s reserves in a unit that deals with locating missing Persons.