Sharon Sufrin


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Adv Sufrin is an expert with decades of experience in customs law, import and export law, indirect taxes, maritime law, international trade and marine insurance.

Adv Sufrin regularly advises and represents large companies in Israel and overseas in matters related to international trade including classification and evaluation of goods, import taxes in Israel, Import and export regulations, consumer regulations, Trade agreements and rules of origin, VAT, claims due to damage in sea and air transport, letters of credit, Disputes between parties involved in international trade and logistics and more.

Adv Sufrin serves as arbitrator and mediator in complex disputes related to his areas of expertise. He is also a certified customs agent, international forwarder, marine insurance agent and mediator.

For many years, Sharon served as owner and CEO of Sufrin Group, one of the most reputable logistics, customs brokerage, international freight forwarding and marine insurance companies in Israel. Adv Sufrin also served as a management member of the corporation union for customs agents and international shippers, which operates under the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. In this capacity, Adv Sufrin provid legislation guidance and represented organization members in matters concerning the Tax Authority, government offices and related business entities. Adv. Sufrin currently serves as the legal advisor of the Bureau of Customs Agents and Foreign Forwarders in the Northern District and as the legal advisor of the Israel Turkey Business Council.