USA-China trade war – another possible obstacle for tech exits, Adv. Lior Aviram

USA-China trade war, how will this affect you as an entrepreneur?

As entrepreneurs, the effects of trade wars must also be taken seriously – sources of significant investments have become very diverse. To the US and Israeli investors and funds have also joind funds and strategic investors from many other countries, such as Australia, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore, and the list goes on.

In the last year or two it became more important to know how to play smartly on those global arenas.

Today, more than before, a multidimensional analysis of the type of technology, business strategy, investor type, and sometimes even the construction the right structure for the specific investor’s way of investment and its rights. Proper analysis and implementation – will enable smart investment, which will open up options and won’t block other ones.

Therefore, you must carefully consider what is needed in order to execute and implement your business plan, and determine a suitable funding strategy and accordingly to set your funding activity. It is highly important to understand that these are strategic decisions that you have to think deeply about, and that their results are priceless.

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