Special Benefits for Fintech Aviv Community Members

As partners of the Fintech Aviv Community, Shibolet is happy to offer Fintech Aviv’s community members two special benefits:

  • A consultation call with our Fintech expert – Ido Shomrony, free of charge!
  • We Invite Fintech Aviv’s community members to use Jumpstart by Shibolet.

About Ido Shomrony

Ido is a partner in the High Tech practice, specializes in corporate and commercial law, representing a wide range of corporations in international and domestic transactions as well as on-going corporate and commercial advice.

Ido leads the firm’s Fintech practice which accompanies and advises financial institutions, insurance companies, accelerators, Fintech startups, B2C and B2B oriented, from a variety of fields, such as Mobile Banking, Open banking, P2P platforms, digital currencies, Regtech, Insuretch, trade and more.

Ido represents entrepreneurs in varied fields of technology, companies in all stages of the lifecycle, as well as investors and acquirers. Subscribe for a consultation call here.

JumpStart– A website created by Shibolet to specifically address the needs of startups and entrepreneurs. At the heart of JumpStart is a contracts and documents generator that helps creating legal documents you may need for your startup: from founders agreement to NDA and service agreement, it’s all there. In addition, you will find on JumpStart short, practical and easy-to-read articles covering a lot of the questions many entrepreneurs have. Another extremely useful tool found on JumpStart is the glossary– covering the entrepreneurial lingo A to Z.

Subscribe for a consultation call with Ido

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