Shareholders Activism

As shareholder activism becomes more prevalent, Shibolet is setting the bar in representing both companies and activists. We were one of the first Israeli law firms to move into this area, and our vast experience and multidisciplinary approach have allowed us to develop a premier Shareholder Activism Practice.  

Our seasoned team can advise Israeli companies listed inside and outside Israel, and we understand the various corporate, securities, regulatory and litigation issues surrounding both defensive (governance) and offensive (operational) shareholder activism. Attempts to appoint nominees to the board of directors or replace the chief executive officer, disputes over distribution of dividends, reorganization: whatever the activist tactics, our extensive experience is a significant advantage at the negotiating table. As well as advising a broad range of issuers in activist situations, we also offer counsel on activism preparedness, and can advise clients on corporate governance matters that affect shareholder activism. These include executive compensation, composition, independence, and effectiveness of the board of director, in addition to governance programs.

Shibolet also represents activists in campaign preparation and execution. Our team is experienced at identifying the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a target company and leveraging these to pressure the company to advance the goals of the activist. In planning a specific shareholder action, we integrate our firm’s exceptional understanding of securities regulation, corporate governance, M&A, and litigation to bring targeted solutions to each of our clients. We also publish an annual analysis on shareholder activism in Israel. Read the latest Shibolet study here.

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