Manufacture & Industry

The industrial, energy, and infrastructure sectors of any country are a complex collection of dense regulations, licenses, and paperwork and Israel is no different. Shibolet & Co. recognized the critical need for expert, legal guidance for entrepreneurs, investors, and engineers hoping to partake in Israel’s assorted industries. The niche of attorneys that Shibolet & Co. has collected over the years and exposed through repeated experiences to ongoing transactions and investments has allowed us to ensure our clients receive clear and thorough advice on how to manuever through Israel’s bureaucracy and legal obstacles plaguing these sectors.

Whether our clients are working with chemicals, plastics, electronics, energy, or transportation, Shibolet & Co. strives to provide professional, step-by-step counseling through issues dealing with compliance, zoning, crisis management, regulatory licensing, and maintaining positive relationships with the relevant governmental authorities. Nothing goes so far as superb professional service mixed with personal connections and an active effort to stay abreast of a complex regulatory framework. This is the experience Shibolet & Co. provides to its clients even amidst some of the sophisticated of legal fields.

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