As market frameworks and consumer expectations change, many retail and consumer products businesses are turning to technology to modify the way they work and how they serve their customers. If judged correctly, this can be a pivotal move that supports business strategy, solves key challenges, and enables new growth paths.

Israel is a key player in retail technology. Building on its established reputation as the “startup nation,” Israel is now attracting many retail-focused investors and multinationals.

Shibolet’s Retail Practice acknowledges that retail companies operate on a colossal scale. They are active in a vast array of geographic markets, consumer segments, and operational environments—from massive national and international store networks to small regional chains, and from third-party sellers on marketplace websites to global ecommerce platforms. They are also cross-border employers with direct-to-consumer sales. For all of these reasons, today’s retailers are prone to more regulation and require more guidance on their day-to-day operations.

Our practice works as a collaborative multidisciplinary team, delivering the full array of legal services so to accommodate the needs of our retail clients whether with respect to their everyday operational concerns or whether with respect to their transaction, local as worldwide. In addition to our team’s wealth of experience advising industry-leading companies and market innovators, we also maintain excellent relationships with key industry associations that enable us to offer each client a deep understanding of the sector and provide retailers and entrepreneurs with the legal strategies and tools necessary to enter markets, expand their presence both efficiently and effectively and eventually to grow and prosper.

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