Representation of Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd. and CAF Investment Projects S.A

Another win for our team in the Supreme Court!

Joseph Benkel, Chen Nusel, and Roni Mor Yosef successfully represented Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd. and @Spanish company CAF Investment Projects S.A, in an appeal filed by Urbanix (Shikun & Binui Ltd.) before the Supreme Court, seeking to annul the Tel Aviv district court’s judgment to reject Urbanix’s petition regarding the TLV light rail train’s purple & green line bid.

The petition and appeal were filed against NTA’s (Metropolitan Mass Transit System) tenders committee decision to disqualify Urbanix’s bid and announce Shapir & CAF’s group as the winner of the purple line project.

Urbanix argued that NTA’s decision to disqualify its proposal, with the claim it was too cheap (crazy bid), was due to foreign interests to exclude Chinese companies, possibly under American pressure and instructions to avoid working with Chinese corporations on local infrastructure projects.

The Supreme Court reject Urbanix’s appeal and ordered Urbanix to pay for legal expenses.

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