Yair Salomon


Tel. 03-307-5253Email. Y.Salomon@shibolet.com

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Yair is a leading expert in real estate and project financing, be it projects led by key entrepreneurs in the Israeli market, including public companies, and local authorities alike.

Yair has also built his reputation due to complex, innovative tenders he conducted.

Yair specializes in complex real estate and construction issues, and finds creative, practical legal solutions in the field simultaneously. Furthermore, Yair has accompanied significant, large scale commercial real estate projects, residential real estate and hotels.

The legal assistance granted by Yair begins at the client’s transaction check, which is the first step. In addition, Yair assists clients during planning, which applies to write and revise a plan that states where the project will be built, and/or issuing building permits, formulating the legal and economic outline, and legal support throughout the negotiations, until documents are signed. Yair accompanies the client on all matters regarding financing, land acquisition, and the project’s construction.

Yair specializes as well, in drafting partnership agreements between entrepreneurs, in order to enable complex project proposals’ submission, while creating mechanisms that will ultimately allow these partners to execute a joint venture.

His clients consist of private and public corporations, high education institutes, the largest local authorities in Israel, and foreign entrepreneurs who need consultation regarding assets they invest in the country.


  • Key Figure, Real Estate & Construction, Legal 500
  • Key Figure, Real Estate: Urban Renewal, Legal 500
  • “Yair is a key name for assisting municipalities with all real estate matters and has strong knowledge of the regulatory requirements of urban renewal projects”, Legal 500