Representation of Defendants in an Appeal Heard Before the Supreme Court Over a Verdict Overruling a Lawsuit With an Estimated Fee of 24,000,000 NIS

Partner Nir Shamri and associate Lior Cohen represented defendants in an appeal before the Supreme Court over a verdict declining (whereas deletion allows re-filing) a lawsuit with an estimated fee of 24,000,000 NIS, as the plaintiff didn’t deposit bail for expenses., a web portal known as ” The Google of Eastern Europe” is located at the heart of the conflict. The plaintiff claims he is a partner of the portal, hence, he is entitled to receive a percentage out of the overall profit, estimated at 45 million NIS. The bail wasn’t deposited, therefore, the court declined the lawsuit and banned him from filing a lawsuit in the feasible future. The Supreme Court, which thoroughly deliberated this appeal, accepted all arguments submitted, and ultimately overruled the appeal.

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