Keren Elgrably Goldman


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Keren is an expert in all aspects of Corporate Law, Securities Law and Capital Markets such as public offerings, private offerings, stakeholder transactions, advising public companies, bond companies, consulting for public companies’ management, boards and committees on corporate governance, compliance programs, executive compensation, and remuneration policies.

Keren advises and accompanies corporate commercial issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, stock purchase transactions, acquisitions of operations, joint ventures and reorganization. In addition, Keren has experience in providing ongoing counsel to Public-Benefit Corporations.   

Did you know

Keren facilitated a workshop on “Capital Market – an inside look” at  the Academic College of Management. The workshop deals with theoretical and practical aspects of the Israeli capital market, while analyzing case studies and common legal issues.

Keren is a co-writer of the article “Evolution of the term personal interest” which was published in the journal Corporate and quoted in judgments.

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